Vine Friends
Friends of the Vine is a unique concept combining a wine boutique with a wine bar. The wine shop has an excellent selection of fine wines from around the world, along with great gift accessories to enhance your enjoyment of wine.

The wine bar allows you to experience a unique opportunity to explore a great variety of wines. Tasting wine allows customers to develop confidence in their own unique palate.

From the wine list, you are welcome to order a taste of wine, drink a half glass, or a full glass. A great feature on the menu are wine flights. Wine flights present the opportunity to taste a selection of wines side by side.

And discover the different characteristics of regions, individual styles of winemakers, and distinct flavors of grape varietals without having to drink bottles of wine (although there's nothing wrong with that!!).

Friends of the Vine is a perfect atmosphere for birthday parties, wedding showers, dates, business seminars, getting together with friends or meeting new friends, relax and have a great time!